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 Before we look at things to consider when you want to hire a ghostwriter, let's first define a ghost writer.

What is a ghostwriter?

According to the Merriam-webster online dictionary, to  ghost write  is to write (a speech, a book, etc.) for another who is the presumed or credited author. Therefore, a ghostwriter is someone that creates content on your behalf of another. Ghostwriters are the people who make things happen behind the scenes for you whether you're a business owner, politicians or celebrities.

Ghostwriters produce most of the material that you see on big business websites, celebrity social media accounts or personal blogs.Decide beforehand whether you want to take all the credit, or plan to list a collaborator. Start by discussing the credit issue with the writer before work commences.

Most writers will be happy to get paid and go home, while others may require credit for their work.A writer may require you to credit them because they're trying to increase their online footprint. The professional may need to use the samples to showcase to potential customers that need to see their portfolio.

Top reasons to hire a ghostwriter

Quality content

Hiring a ghostwriter is critical for you if you don't have the expertise to write quality content. Many people start websites and blogs to amplify their business to the online clientele. However, most business owners do not necessarily know how to produce top-notch content.

Always remeber that the content that you put on your business website reflects on you.

Therefore, you should ensure that it's of the best quality. Good content makes people trust your business more, and also helps you improve your ranking in SERPS.

Lack of time

It's not uncommon for business owners to launch websites, but not have time to write content. This is especially true for small businesses where the owner doe all the tasks. A business that hasn't broken even may prefer not to have many employees as a way of cost-cutting.

Big companies with too many departments or branches that span over several cities might also need to hire ghostwriters. These writers can help write content regular without the need to hire a permanent writer.

For clarity reasons

We are all gifted in different ways. You may have too many bright ideas but may lack the ability to put them in a cohesive format that flows naturally. If you want your content to flow well and appeal to your readers, seeking the services of a ghostwriter can help you formulate your ideas better.

Remember, your content should always be easy to read and should always appeal to the masses.Is it legal to hire a ghost writer?Yes, it is.If you think about it, every job requires people to work behind the scenes. A company hires professional to perform different tasks, in various departments and pays them at the end of the month for work done.

A client may not necessarily know who specifically offered them a service, because all they need is quality goods and services.

Things to consider before hiring a ghostwriter

Willingness to sign a contract

A contract protects both you and the writer should a dispute occur in the course of the work. The document is legally binding; hence the parties involved must honor it at all times. The agreement outlines things like;
  • Scope of work
  • Confidentiality Clause
  • The payment that both of you agree on
  • Delivery Timelines
  • Payment dates
  • Whether or not the ghostwriter will appear as a co-author/collaborator

Anyone that works under a contract is bound to follow the right codes of professionalism. You may never need to present the agreement in a court of law, but the presence of the document certainly does help to get people to do things the right way.

Type of writer

Are you looking for a creative or fiction writer? It's paramount to consider the kind of output you want because there are different types of writers available in the market. A fictional writer may not be comfortable handling business content and vice versa.

Writers can also sometimes be versatile and can handle different types of projects. For instance, there are those that may specialize in writing press releases, while there are those that can comfortably handle writing articles, blog posts, press releases, advertorials, name it.

Delivery dates

Writers make their income from writing, hence might juggle different projects at the same time. Be sure to let the writer know when you need the project complete and ask them if they can handle it. Most writers will be honest with you and tell you if they can deliver your project by your preferred date. Ensure that you note down the expected delivery date on the contract in case issues arise down the line.

Writer's personality

How does the writer respond to you when you ask them a question? Are they pleasant? Do they take weeks before getting back to you? A writer's mannerism during your initial interactions will help you gauge their level of professionalism.

In conclusion

The decision to hire a ghostwriter can be one of the best choices you make for your business. The option can help you get quality content as you concentrate on other areas of your business. Again, if you don't have the expertise, you can present your ideas, and let the ghostwriter churn out the content on your behalf.

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The terms SEO SEM can be confusing digital marketing terms for new users that are trying to get their websites to give a better Return On Investment (RIO). Most marketers use the titles interchangeably, making it harder for newbies to grasp the marketing concepts.

Defining SEO and SEM

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. According to the Cambridge Dictionary,  optimization is the act of making something as good or as efficient as possible. When it comes to the World Wide Web, optimizing your website means doing everything possible to it appear at the top of search results of any search engine. Examples of search engines are Google, Yahoo or Bing.

For instance, if you sell gym equipment and you have a business website to showcase your products, you may need to apply some SEO tactics for better Return On Investment(ROI). Every business owner wants to get profit, and as you may know, it comes from the amount of money a business makes after deducting all the costs of running a business.

Having a website or blog is a cost in itself; hence you want to make sure that the expenses of running a professional site do not at into your profits.

Therefore, your website expenses should always be negligible compared to your earnings. Some of the costs of running a website are;
  • Buying a domain name
  • Purchasing a theme
  • Logos and Branding
  • Hiring a professional writer
  • Internet costs
  • Hiring a coder if you're not tech savvy
  • Software and hardware costs

Why is it essential for your website to rank among the first search results?

Appearing on page one of any search engine can undoubtedly help with RIO. Most users will never go past page 1 of the search results. For instance, A user looking to buy an exercise bike might type "Exercise bike" in the search bar. Once they hit "search," they will compare prices, brands, or functionalities on websites on page 1 and they're likely to decide to purchase an exercise bike from those very same websites.

Chitika outlines the relation between result positioning and likelihood of purchase very well. According to the site, a site on page 1 is likely to enjoy a 32.5% of traffic share while that one page 5 will only get a meager 6.1%.

Google algorithms for site ranking keep changing; hence it's essential to stay in tune with what's current at all times.

Ways to incorporate SEO on your site

Use relevant keywords

Use keywords that potential buyers in your niche are likely to search for, on the internet. For example, a company that sells chia seeds in Canada might prefer to use the keywords "Chia Canada," to help direct buyers to their site. If you don't know what keywords to use, there are tons of keyword research tools that can help you determine what's best for your business.

Make your site mobile friendly

Ensure that a reader on a mobile phone can comfortably access your website and be able to read your content with ease. Most website creation platforms will ask you to enable mobile view while others will do it automatically. Google will notice too, and rank your site rank better.

Many readers spend a lot of time on their mobile phones, due to their availability and portability. If you haven't already taken advantage of mobile traffic, you should; by ensuring that you cater to mobile users, it's time you did so. If you look around you, plenty of people are on the internet using their devices in places like the subway, in the baking halls or even in restaurants and this is traffic that you shouldn't ignore.

Improve user experience

User Experience (UX) is yet another thing that Google notices. Search engines favor sites that give readers an overall pleasant experience. If you're wondering whether your website is user-friendly, ask yourself the following questions.
  • Is it stress-free for potential clients to navigate my site?
  • Is my content's font easy to read?
  • Do clients find what they need on my site?

Write quality content

You can never go wrong with quality content. Content is what food is to a restaurant. Just like a restaurant should aim at serving tantalizing food to retain and grow its customer base, so should a website owner with content.

Qualities of good content
  • Error-free and grammatically correct
  • Helpful, meaningful and relevant
  • Factually correct

If you don't have time to write professional content, it's best to hire a professional writer to help you with the task. A professional writer knows how to write good content that will make search engines happy.

Link building

Internal links can help a reader navigate through your site easily. For instance, you can connect articles that relate to each other on your site for the benefit of readers. You may also want to write guest posts for external links. These links will lead readers back to your site. However, ensure that you write guests post for authority sites; otherwise, the links won't be of much help.

What is SEM?

SEM is an acronym that represents Search Engine Marketing. If you want to increase your website's Search Engine Results Page (SERPs), you must aim to advertise and optimize. In essence, SEM also includes SEO since you must apply optimization tactics.

With millions of pages available on the internet, the competition is already fierce, and you must compete for visibility by applying the right SEM strategies. When a user uses a keyword to search for information on the web, the search engine analyses billions of websites and produces results- SERPS.

Therefore, SEM serves the purpose of putting you in front of millions of potential clients that may be searching for your services or products.

Every SERP is unique to different users, although the differences may be too subtle for the user to notice. The differences between the pages are due to factors like browsing history, social factors or even geographic locations.

How to apply SEM on your website

Paid Marketing

Use the right PPC platforms such as Google Ads. Before choosing a platform, ensure that it serves your marketing needs. For instance, ads that appear on the internet might be more applicable to the younger generation while hardcopy newspapers or magazines might appeal to the older generation.

Social media management is yet another compelling marketing strategy. Social media marketing involves hiring a social media professional to write posts, share content, comment, respond to queries, and perform anything else that requires managing a company's social media account.

Ad campaigns take time before showing real results. It, therefore, pays to be patient, because it's crucial first to analyze your campaign strategies before you can embark on other campaigns. Too many campaigns might not give you enough time to make a proper analysis.

AB Test

Find a balance between your Click Through Rate (CTR) and conversion rates. Go to each advertising platform's settings feature, and you'll get a tutorial on how to do your testing. Again, you have to be patient with the testing to get conclusive results.

Indexing all your pages

Although search engines like Google are capable of finding pages on their own, that might take time, and it, therefore, helps to fast-track the process. Take advantage of things like Google plus to help get your pages on Google's index.

Build a good online reputation

Always keep your readers engaged and avoid linking to questionable sites. There are plenty of sites that offer link building services, but the problem with this is that you're never sure of where they'll submit your site. Some of these sites submit your site to questionable directories that could be dealing in things like porn or even crime which can lead to de-ranking by Google.

The Difference Between SEO and SEM

As you've gathered from the above text, SEM incorporates SEO and Paid marketing (Google ADs or Social Media Management). Although SEO SEM may sound like a similar concept, it's important to note that both serve different purposes.

SEO is a component of SEM; hence SEM cannot survive without SEO. Both, however, serve the purposes of increasing your site's visibility. Think of it as helping you get a competitive advantage against your competitors. If you're wondering which strategy you should apply to your site, ask yourself what results in you want at the moment.SEO takes longer than SEM.

Therefore, it's essential to plan for both short term and long term. You can start by using SEM (running paid ads) if your business is relatively new, but bear in mind that the results of these are not long-term.Paid ads have an expiry, which is basically when your funds for the campaign are over.

After that, you must keep paying for the adds, which can be quite expensive. Besides the upfront ads fee, you might also need to hire an Ads expert because they require a certain level of expertise. Doing your Ads wrong can make your visibility efforts online futile.SEO, on the other hand, is more organic but takes time for you to start seeing results. However, the benefits of SEO last longer.

In conclusion

SEO can help your website establish authority and credibility. SEO requires you to monitor, and analyze your site's unpaid traffic patterns. You can succeed longterm without SEM, but you will find it very hard to accomplish online success without SEO. Therefore use both tactics at different stages of your business for best results.

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Most business owners get caught up in trying to appeal to search engines and often forget about the readers. Learning some content writing tips can help you relate more to your customer, which can be valuable to your business.

As important as it is to rank higher in search results, it's also important to learn some tips to write for your readers. The importance of writing content that appeals to the readers. A happy reader will always come back for more, and that can be advantageous to your business.

If you want to get more leads, it helps to write for human beings as they're the ones who will purchase your products in the end.

Writing better content will help search engines notice your website and rank you higher.

When writing for human beings, always bear in mind that readers like to skim through information. Put yourself in the reader's shoes.  What happens when you're shopping for a specific product?

You browse through different shops to see if there's a shop that has the products that you need.If several shops stock the same products, you are likely to ask yourself the following questions to help you settle on the best seller; Which shop has the best customer service?

Which shop seems knowledgeable about the products?Do all the shops offer after-sales service?Are the products genuine?The list is endless.The same case applies to readers on the web.

There are countless websites on the internet offering the same products or services that you do. What will make the reader pick you over the next business?The reader will naturally settle for a website that offers the best value.

I will share with you some tips that will help you stand out from the crowd. Content writing tips. Make sure that your keywords match your content.How cohesive is your content after incorporating your keywords?

Bear in mind that search engines direct readers to various websites depending on the keywords the reader uses as search criteria. When a reader visits your site, there are always two possibles scenarios; The readers find what they were looking for hence sticks around to read the content.

The readers don't get what they're looking for because the website owner didn't match the keywords to their content. At this juncture, the reader will not have any other choice but to move to the next site.  Aside from the keywords, paragraphs, titles, and images must come together to form a piece that makes sense to your readers. Relevancy is vital because it ensures that you're delivering what the reader wants.

Ways to make your writing better for readers

Make Your content scannable.

99% of the time, readers browse through content and only take in the essential points. Do you want your readers to digest more of your content? Just ensure that your texts easily scannable and you'll see a transformation.Therefore;Make your sentences and paragraphs shorter. Avoid long sentences. Your sentences should not have more than 25 words. Your paragraphs should have a maximum of  3 sentences.Use bullet points and numbers.Bullets and numbers highlight the essential points making your content easily digestible to the reader.

Edit and proofread your work

Nothing is as off-putting to the reader as content that is full of grammatical errors. As opposed to posting your copy as soon as you write the last sentence, re-read it several times to identify things like;
  • Incorrect spelling
  • Punctuation errors
  • Passive statements.
  • Capitalization issues.
  • Wrong use of articles and tenses
  • Natural incorporation of keywords.

Some errors may be hard to spot, especially for novice writers. Software like Grammarly can help fix even the most undetectable errors.

Write with your audience in mind

Who is your target audience? Is your post directed to senior citizens or people in their early 20s? Always write for your audience, and never generalize, because that may leave out the very same audience that you're trying to reach.

Never use jargon

You may have a deeper understanding of finance jargon but your reader may not. Write in a language that everyone can understand. If you have to use jargon, follow up it with an explanatory sentence/paragraph.

Don't use massive vocabulary.

Can anyone understand your text without having to refer to the dictionary? Bear in mind that your website will be accessible to anyone on the internet, ranging from professionals to non-professionals.

Simplifying your language will be one of the best content writing tips you'll ever learn.Make sure that your content is useful.Readers are on the Internet because they want to solve a problem. You must aim to be helpful, and your readers will naturally come to you.

Show the reader how your products can help them instead of plastering the product's features all over your website. However, you must be honest about what your products/services can do. If you lie to your readers, they'll find out sooner or later, and that will be detrimental to your business.

Research research research.

If you want to build a property, you'll go to a reputable construction company, right?  The same case applies to your readers. They want to read content from someone who knows what they're doing, and you have to channel that.Do enough research before writing your pieces.

That way, you'll be able to produce knowledgeable pieces and answer any questions that may arise, with expertise.

Be engaging, creative and entertaining.

Nobody wants to read content that is bland. Ask questions that make the user think. Insert beautiful images and video that tie to your content.

Do not plagiarize.

You're not reinventing the wheel here, but do not copy anyone's content word for word. Your readers will notice, and that will make you look dishonest and untrustworthy.

Google will also be hot on your heels, and your business will suffer in return. Always read and understand content from other resources, then write it down in your own words. That way, you'll be protecting your business's reputation and avoiding severe penalties from Google.

Do not marginalize.

Keep personal views to yourself as airing them may not go well with everyone. Make anyone from any religion, gender, community, race, social and economic status, etc. feel welcome.


It's not hard to be a superstar in your industry. Competition might be fierce, but the content writing tips above will help you appeal to your potential buyer more, giving you a competitive edge. Stop writing for search engines alone and focus on your readers as well.